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MLA Mission Statement

     The Michigan Lama Association was founded December of 1994.   Each year we have approximately 200+ farms, that represent about 2,500 llamas and 150+ alpacas.

     The MLA is a common ground for all members to join together to learn from one another, share information and promote public awareness of llamas in an uplifting manner.

     The Michigan Lama Association offers something for each and every lama owner and lover. We have many activities throughout the year - shows, clinics, meetings. social events, parades, fund raisers, and vet conferences, just to name a few! We have several committees within the MLA - Marketing, Fund Raising, Educational/Medical, Llamafest, Events, Newsletter, Membership, Library, Youth, Wool, Show, Pack, and Stud Raffle. So, no matter what your interest or specialty in llamas, MLA has much to offer. We have several open board meetings (with a program) per year. We also produce a wonderful newsletter, Llama Living, that includes the latest news and updates.

     Michigan Lama Association is proud to sponsor the Michigan Lama Association/Llamafest Annual Scholarship at Michigan State University, College of Veterinary Medicine. It is a wonderful opportunity for the MLA to reward students who have shown a desire to learn and work with llamas. MLA is excited about working hand in hand with Michigan State University and the College of Veterinary Medicine to support llamas for the future.

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MLA By-Laws (revised 10-25-09)

MLA BOD 2016

President Corky Dubois 616-902-1282
Vice President Gary Surratt 517-541-3524
Secretary Sheila Miller 517-645-2719
Treasurer Pat Schneeberger 517-627-6562
Youth Representatives    
Board Member Don Topliff 517-655-5988
Board Member Bev Souva 989-856-3461
Board Member Jack Bowman 517-896-3111
Board Member Tricia Schneeberger 517-627-6562

Committee Chairpersons

Youth Fund Raiser

Bev Souva
517 856-3461

Youth Show
Corky Dubois
Pat Schneeberger
Bev Souva

Don Topliff

Spring Fund Raiser
Lauren Puma & Annette Aldrich

Beverly & Gary Suratt
(517) 547-3524

Michigan Fiber Industry
Sheila Miller

Suzanne  Hockin Frambes
(517) 857-3787




Marilyn Nenni

MLA Scholarship
Kenneth Frambes

Mid-Michigan Llama Show

Sheila & Jerry Miller

(517) 645-2719  


Hillsdale Hobo Llama Show

Glen Unzicker

(574) 825-4459




Held Quarterly

Location Varies

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     Llama Living is the Michigan Lama Association (MLA) newsletter and is available, free of charge, to all MLA members. 

     Issues of Llama Living are now online for your convenience.  Click here.

     Llama Living is dedicated to keeping its members up-to-date on the latest lama news including medical, shows, fiber, current events, etc. This is done, not only through original articles, but also as a result of the newsletter's participation in the Newsletter Network, which is comprised of numerous national lama organizations.

     Advertisers, both in and out of Michigan, look at Llama Living as a great opportunity in let lama owners learn about their products and services. To obtain information for reasonable advertising rates, submit articles or events to Llama Living, or learn more about the Newsletter Network, contact Llama Living Editor, Suzanne Hockin Frambes, 14775 Peckham Rd.,Albion, MI 49224, (517) 857-3787 or Email: frambes@springcom.com 

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