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4-H Llama Project Resources

Ages & Stages of Youth Development
A guide for 4-H leaders.

A Guide For 4-H Leaders
Provided by Purdue University

Rocky Mountain Llama Association
Llama Youth Manual

Rocky Mountain Llama Assoc.

Washington State University
4-H Llama Project Information

4-H Llama Youth Project Manual
4-H Llama Leader Manual
4-H Llama Leader Guide

Online llama information.


Handbook for the Alpaca Llama Show Association

Rules for showing
 llamas and alpacas.

Library from 
Michigan Lama Association 
Lending library has many good books and videos

MLA Lending Library

Locate Extension Office anywhere in the US

Extension Office Listings



Paper Mache Llama

If you have any additional resources to share, please send 
them to us and we'll add them to the list for all to benefit from.

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